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Steves Auto Lancing Ltd

Car Servicing in Hove, Shoreham, Worthing and Sussex | Maintenance and Repair Specialists

Steve’s Autos Lancing Ltd is a company of experienced car servicing and repair technicians with the friendly, personal touch. A service is the best form of preventative maintenance for your car, one that we complete to the manufacturer’s specification. Bring your vehicle to our independent workshop for car servicing and we promise to meet the standards you’d expect from a dealership garage, and at a competitive price. Our team covers everything from fault finding and vehicle diagnostics to quality repairs and engine management.

We are also time-served auto electricians.

Our premises, on Ingleside Road, welcome private, fleet and trade customers from Lancing, and from all surrounding Goring, Hove, Shoreham, Worthing and West Sussex areas.

We have three different packages available:

Interim Car Servicing

Six-monthly maintenance for drivers with high mileage

A multipoint service of around 50 checks to include an oil and oil filter change. If you drive more than 6,000 miles in the six-month period after a full service, we strongly advise that you book in for an interim service too. This is our most basic form of car servicing and one that helps to keep your vehicle in good mechanical condition between each full service.

Our technicians also inspect a specified list of components, including the hoses, tyres, clutch and braking system.

Full Car Servicing

Annual maintenance for all manufacturer makes and models

All cars should have a full service performed every 12 months or every 12,000 miles, whichever falls soonest. This service has more than 70 different checkpoints and includes an air filter change, replacement of the spark plugs, and a check and replacement of fluids where required. Some cars will display a dashboard warning light when the service interval approaches.

Combine car servicing with an annual test at our popular MOT garage in Lancing and benefit from an inclusive price. 

Major Car Servicing

Annual maintenance to an exact manufacturer specification

Customers from Goring, Hove, Shoreham and Worthing can book in for major car servicing without having to visit a dealership. Block exemption regulations make it possible for an independent workshop to service to the same standards as a dealership. This means we can perform maintenance without impacting your service history or any remaining warranties.

In fact, the only difference you’ll see is how much you can save on car servicing when we present the final bill.

To support our car servicing work, Steve’s Autos Lancing Ltd offers a full range of repair services. We do this by combining more than 120 years of combined mechanical knowledge with today’s most innovative engine management equipment. If your dashboard alerts you to a potential subsystem issue, we can plug in a scanner to restore the fault codes. It is these codes which help us to pinpoint the problem with your car.

The world of vehicle diagnostics is one that helps our technicians to reduce repair times, and therefore costs, through the faster identification of subsystem issues.

We can also find faults on the cars of our Lancing, Goring, Hove, Shoreham, Worthing and Sussex customers using traditional troubleshooting techniques. Steve and his team can identify faults by noise, smell or even a small change in driving characteristics. These are all hallmarks of a company experienced in brakes, clutches and moving engine parts.

From car servicing and repairs, to advanced engine management, we are here to fulfil all of your needs and requirements.

Steve’s Autos Lancing Ltd – For All Your Motoring Needs
Call 01903 754 216 to book in for car servicing and repairs. We cover Lancing, Hove, Shoreham and West Sussex.
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