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Vehicle Diagnostics in Lancing | Helping Customers to See the Light

The modern motor car evolves rapidly in an age where technology counts for everything. For every advancement, there is something new that we’ll have to consider as a business. Steve’s Autos Lancing Ltd continually modifies its approach to car servicing and repair work, and the way our company prepares itself for MOT tests. At the heart of everything, we have vehicle diagnostics helping to make our job easier.

If you need to use our car servicing and MOT garage for an air conditioning re-gas, for breakdown recovery, or for roadside assistance, we’ll be there to help with those things too.

The car you drive has an Engine Control Unit (ECU) with a connection port. To perform a check of the electrical subsystem, a technician plugs a computer into this port. The computer scans the ECU for information, picking up stored fault codes if there happens to be something wrong with the engine, the brakes, the airbags or another mechanical part.

This is vehicle diagnostics at work.

Today, the team at our workshop in Lancing will perform a diagnostic check ahead of recommending a suitable repair method. We use the same equipment for resetting the car servicing dashboard light and for reading emissions during the annual MOT test. If you hire us for breakdown recovery services, the driver might use a code reader at the roadside to see whether or not we can get you running again.

Like any reputable car repair and MOT garage in Lancing or West Sussex, we frequently invest into new engine management equipment as and when it comes onto the market.

The first indication that something is wrong with your car will usually be a noise or a smell, or a sudden change in how it runs. Inexperienced drivers might not notice these changes, so warning lights on the dashboard alert them to car servicing intervals, electrical subsystem issues, or to blocked diesel particulate filters or injectors, all of which could lead to your car failing the annual MOT test.

If you notice any type of dashboard warning or service light, book in for vehicle diagnostics with our friendly car repair and MOT garage in Lancing before the situation worsens.

Here are just some of the warning lights you might see:

• Engine Management Light – Indicates you need to book in for a check, and for scheduled car servicing or repairs.
• Airbag Warning Light – Normally indicates a loose wire under the seats. Can lead to failure in the MOT test.
• ABS Warning Light – Shows a fault in the antilock braking system and could affect how you stop in an emergency.
• Handbrake Fluid Light – Another item your MOT garage could fail a car for. Indicates low fluid or a leak.
• Oil Pressure Light – Shows low oil pressure. Stop driving immediately and call out a breakdown recovery service.
• TPMS Light – Vehicle diagnostics will indicate low tyre pressure, a sensor fault or the need for a light reset.

Steve’s Autos Lancing Ltd advises that anything red in colour could point to something more serious, or even unsafe. An orange light normally points to upcoming maintenance, like car servicing or a belt replacement. Green and blue lights indicate that a certain part of the system is on and working.

Even the most basic parts of your car, like the lights or the wiper motor, connect by sensor to the ECU. Using vehicle diagnostics, we can identify faults and either rectify them, or replace the failed parts. We use the same engine management equipment to inform your ECU of any physical changes. As you can imagine, car servicing and MOT garages have to buy this equipment, or they won’t be able to do their jobs properly.

If your car is in a poor state of roadworthiness, it could fail the MOT test if you have one upcoming.

We’re taking the stress out of repair work, and reducing the need for breakdown recovery services, by always making sure we have the right engine management equipment to hand at our workshop in Ingleside Road in Lancing. We keep up to date with trade advancements, using our insight to buy new tooling and machinery at the same time our customers upgrade their cars.

Steve’s Autos Lancing Ltd – For All Your Motoring Needs

Call 01903 754 216 to book in for diagnostics at our car servicing and MOT garage. We cover the entire Lancing area.


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