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Breakdown Recovery in Shoreham | The Fastest Route Back to the Road

Picture the scene. It feels like just another day and you’re heading into Shoreham for an interview, or to meet a friend or a family member. Everything seems fine until you hear a sudden noise or notice a change in driving characteristics. You pull up on the roadside wondering what to do next. You have a garage you use for car servicing and MOT tests but, up to now, you’ve never had to worry about dealing with a breakdown.

Steve’s Autos Lancing Ltd offers a breakdown recovery service in Shoreham, and across all surrounding West Sussex areas. We can inspect your car at the roadside, turn off the engine management light using advanced vehicle diagnostics, or bring it back to our car servicing and MOT garage for repairs.

Here, we will perform the required work to a high standard.

Steve, our business owner, has a firm understanding of the breakdown recovery sector. Having worked for the AA and the RAC, he now has his own truck operating in the Shoreham area. Steve knows from experience that many drivers see breakdown recovery membership as an unwelcome expenditure. If you book in for car servicing and the annual MOT test regularly, isn’t it fair to assume a breakdown becomes less likely?

Well, yes it does, but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever break down at all. Today’s modern cars have complex electrical subsystems, so this makes it important to know a little about vehicle diagnostics too. Even if a minor subsystem fault occurs, your car could still break down on the roadside.

Shoreham motorists can arrange breakdown recovery by calling our servicing, repair and MOT garage on 01903 754 216.

Avoiding Roadside Breakdowns

At Steve’s Autos Lancing Ltd, we believe that any preventative form of maintenance is a better choice than reactive repair work. Car servicing is, without a doubt, the best form of preventative care. The full service is a yearly health check for your car that assesses its mechanical condition. The MOT test checks for safety and roadworthiness. While both are different, we see car servicing and the annual MOT test as equally important when it comes to avoiding breakdowns.

Service at the scheduled interval or book an inspection at our MOT garage near Shoreham at the specified time. Your car will run smoothly and more efficiently. We use vehicle diagnostics to reset the service light for you, and to identify subsystem issues without hours of painstaking troubleshooting.

You should very rarely need a breakdown recovery service if you keep up to date with preventative maintenance work.

Because we have a workshop less than five miles from Shoreham in Lancing, Steve and his team manage the breakdown recovery needs of private, trade and fleet customers from all parts of West Sussex. We are here to help with car servicing and MOT tests too, working tirelessly on your behalf to keep your vehicle running reliably, efficiently and safely at all times.

Our servicing, repair and MOT garage looks forward to meeting you and to helping you with your enquiry.

Steve’s Autos Lancing Ltd – For All Your Motoring Needs

Call 01903 754 216 to book in for a service, vehicle diagnostics or breakdown recovery. We cover the nearby Shoreham area.


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