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Car Servicing in Worthing | Engine Management and Vehicle Diagnostics

Annual car servicing, and booking in for the MOT test, keep your vehicle in good physical condition. For the modern motorist, engine management is an equally important form of maintenance. Our technicians and auto electricians perform vehicle diagnostics using scanners from Snap-On. This equipment helps us to identify the subsystem issues which cause dashboard lights to illuminate. Ignore these warnings, and you might need us for a breakdown recovery service long before you use us for repairs.

Located in Lancing, we run a combined car servicing, repair and light commercial vehicle MOT garage which is situated just a few minutes away from the nearby Worthing area.

The use of vehicle diagnostics helps our technicians and auto electricians to find potential faults before they turn into costly repairs. A service and an annual MOT test will reduce the need for a breakdown recovery service, but a proactive approach to engine management, and booking in for diagnostics once or twice a year, will resolve any problems much sooner.

Make the short trip from Worthing to visit our combined car servicing, car repair and MOT garage. We can book you in for a diagnostic check at a time to suit your diary.

Please take the time to read the testimonials of customers across West Sussex who have used us for vehicle diagnostics in the past.

Vehicle Diagnostics | Testing and Engine Management

One of the biggest advancements seen in our sector over the past couple of decades has been the computerisation of the engine subsystem. Specialist tools and software, through processors, sensors and microchips, can access stored fault codes to accurately pinpoint errors. We call this vehicle diagnostics and we use the process to “manage” your engine.

While we can use vehicle diagnostics after car servicing (to reset the service light), and during car and light commercial vehicle MOT tests (to take emission readings), the field of engine management is still very much a standalone service.

Customers from Worthing may notice a dashboard warning light shortly before breaking down at the roadside. Wherever possible, our breakdown recovery driver will take a reading from your ECU to see if we can fix the problem immediately. If we can’t, Steve’s Autos Lancing Ltd will bring your car back to our servicing and MOT garage for repairs.

Alternatively, we can take your car to your home or workplace, or to another preferred garage in the Worthing area.

In the past, you may well have had to wait for something to fail before knowing anything about a potential problem. Today, when you combine vehicle diagnostics with car servicing or the annual car or light commercial vehicle MOT test, you have the components in place to care for your engine both proactively and preventatively. In turn, you will need breakdown recovery services much less often, if at all.

Having to visit our servicing, repair and MOT garage might seem like a bind for some Worthing motorists, particularly those who come to us for a service or a test anyway.

But what will make a vast difference is the peace of mind, and the reassurance, that comes with booking in for a diagnostic check at least once a year. Knowing your engine subsystem has no known faults is your licence for a hassle-free driving experience where breakdown recovery is a thing of the past. If you do need our technicians or auto electricians to come out and assist you at the roadside, we have Worthing covered.

Electric Car Servicing and Repairs

Have your EV serviced or repaired by one of the most talented teams in Sussex and benefit from their advanced IMI training. Steve’s Autos Lancing Ltd has been at the forefront of electric car servicing and electric car repairs for as long as most dealership and network garages in the local area, and we have a wealth of auto-electrical knowledge on the payroll.

Book in for servicing or repairs by calling us today.

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Call 01903 754 216 to book in for car servicing, vehicle diagnostics or MOT tests. We cover the nearby Worthing area.
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